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Economic Impact of MLS® Home Sales and Purchases in Ontario (2017)

Resale housing transactions across Ontario generate significant economic activity. A summary of the 2017 Altus Report is below; for the full report, please contact us.

Estimated expenditures generated by the average housing transaction (2015): $67,425
Average annual spin-off benefits of MLS® activity (2014-2016): $14.9 Billion
Average annual direct & indirect employment generated by MLS® home sales (2014-2016): $98,475
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The Canadian Real Estate Market Projections to 2019

A Balanced Housing Market

The Canadian Real Estate Market is poised to remain strong. Despite a cooling off in home prices and sales, all data and stats suggest minor fluctuations with housing starts set to level off by 2019.
We are in a balanced market in which there are both inventory and buyers. 
But, why has the market "cooled off"? More Info..

Rising Interest Rates

How will this effect you and your mortgage?

Here is a recent article from The Globe and Mail (January 24, 2018) discussing the changes that will occur as interest rates increase. 
In summary:
The Bank of Canada is raising interest rates. The economy is strong and unemployment rates in 2017 were at the lowest rate since the mid 1970s. The raising of interest rates is seen as a vote of confidence that the Canadian economy is healthy. More Info..

The New Stress Test for Uninsured Mortgages

Lorraine and I recently attended a seminar by The Mortgage Group regarding the new requirements  for uninsured mortgages taking place January 1st, 2018.
The purpose  of the new requirements are to keep people within a safe margin on their biggest investment. However, for many people it will be tougher to qualify for a traditional mortgage and may push more people to private lenders at usurious interest rates. More Info..

Painting For Profit

How paint colour can influence your home sale price

There is no doubt that the real estate market in Collingwood and The Blue Mountains area is hot. Housing sale prices have been at an unprecidented high. This is great news if you are considering listing your property.

Now, what do you need to do to ensure you get top dollar for your house or condo? More Info..

Collingwood's Waterfront Master Plan

Public access to a revitalized waterfront

The Waterfront Master Plan was developed in collaboration with various stakeholders, waterfront
user groups, and approximately 1,800 community members. It outlines the direction in which the town will take to improve and preserve the waterfront and its specific goals over the next 20 years.
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122 Snow Apple Crescent, Blue Mountains

This property will not disappoint!  3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2min. drive to Blue Mountain and 10 min. drive to Collingwood. Lot backs onto forest & trails.
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Statistical Information for February 2016

Housing sales are up and inventory is down. If you are considering lisitng your property, now is the time.
Click on the red link below to review All the February 2016 Stats.
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Landlord-Tenant Rules for Selling a Property

We selling an occupied rental property, things can get tricky. Click on the link below to a great article that outlines both the owner and the tenants rights and responsibilities in this case. More Info..

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